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by Taraimira Forsen on Aug 01, 2019 at 08:07 PM
"Hey Merri, haven't you already posted thi--"


Hey guys! So, I've been thinking on this idea for a while now and want to gauge interest in it.

I want to do something a bit different with RP in a way that takes us a little outside of our molds and gives us time to explore something... different.


I'm glad you asked totally not me talking to myself for the sake of continuing on this conversation.

Different in the sense of.. Improv.

So, my idea is one night a month and on the weekend we will gather together for some improv RP.

"How is this different from random RP Merri?"

Good question yet again not me. It's different because we won't be using our established characters--


That's right, you heard me. We won't be using our established characters and we will rarely be using Lordaeron and it won't be solely Alliance side based.

"How does this work?"

So, the morning of the day we host our roleplay I will drop the setting. Where we will be in the world and what type of characters we might be working with. That gives you all day to build a character. When the RP happens, I will drop the scenario! It could be silly, it could be serious, there might be combat, etc.

For example...

-The setting would be a bunch of Gilnean nobles.

-The scenario is that they have to deal with intelligent rats who are stealing their underthings out of their drawers. Some may only have left to wear what's already on their bodies!


--A group of explorers

--The scenario being that they are stuck in the desert and need to finds means to survive.

It gives us a different suit to wear, something to try on for size but not something that we have to commit to permanently if we don't like it.

See the chatbox for the link for ideas! I have made it editable. This way people can remain anonymous for their ideas. Please keep in mind that settings and scenarios won't correspond. Scenarios will be selected at random when paired with their setting. If you have a race specific scenario then please state that when typing it.