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by Lt. Ellie Maridera on Jan 14, 2019 at 12:22 PM
Mission Synopsis
Talk of the Future: Set in the war room, the Orders discuss that some Horde camps remain in Silverpine and Gilneas. Annalyce Wallace is designated commander for the Arathi troops, while Bishop Baylen Thorne designated as the commander for the New Lordaeron soldiers. A scouting mission of the Greymane Wall later in the week will provide information to help the Orders plan their move to eradicate the Horde from the northern half of the continent and fully reclaim the lands.

A Peek into Silverpine: Bearic Davenforth and Pip Sindell take the Order on a scouting mission to Silverpine. Full report details here.

General New Lordaeron News
Much like the other world holidays, Winter Veil was a bountiful and plentiful occurrence. Most of New Lordaeron is still covered in snow, but many days see a cold rain. Despite the weather, trade is still ongoing and strong, providing the citizens with all they need. Many of the Stromgarde soldiers have integrated, offering their services to New Lordaeron, but while still serving Arathi, as part of the movement towards an alliance between the two nations.

Mission Board flyers hang in almost every town and city! Gather a few allies to deal with miscellaneous threats of New Lordaeron.

Other News ((OOC))
Tuesday, January 15th is a major event! Do what you can to attend.

Guild members are encouraged to share their character news to be featured in the General New Lordaeron News section!

Mythic or Timewalking dungeon runs by Selania on every other Friday evening. Minimum item level required for Mythics (325), as these are casual runs. Level cap is not required for Timewalking. Check out the calendar for event postings.

Scarcerse events on Saturday evenings! Non-uniform, unless otherwise stated. Stay tuned for her announcements!

Black Moon Over Darkshore is a side RP hosted by Zephyra. Be sure to read and sign up! And of course, keep an eye out for calendar postings and announcements. As explained on the thread, non-Order affiliated Gilnean and night elf characters are welcomed!

Character interviews will also resume before the next newsletter comes out. It’s an open invitation but Maridera will be reaching out to members as well with three slots!

LTK Fun Facts
Cornerstone of canon lore and other information of the guild. Information is pulled from the website and old AMAs. Some of the info will have links for further reading!

The Lady Regent is Alasandra Darrow, though the Assembly of Lords and Ladies is still a governing body as the Houses overlook their own provinces.

House Forsen was only a minor nobility before the Third War. Now, they are the most well-known family in New Lordaeron.

Pyrewood, Silverpine Forest, is where the efforts to rebuild Lordaeron truly began. But even long before that, the foundation for the Temple Knights had been established.

A rough estimation of New Lordaeron’s population is somewhere around 30,000. This would factor in civilians, militia, and denizens including the Vrykul, Kul Tiran, and Pandaren populations.

Because of the Order’s military nature, it’s always good to OOCly check the formations used.